So we all know why we are here, WE WANT BANG FOR OUR BUCK! Saving money seems to always be a hassle, especially for our inner shopaholic. Finding the best deals whether it be online or in stores, is not easy. As a Retail Buying Intern, I had to do a lot of product research, specifically finding the lowest prices in the market so that my company could stay competitive. 

There are tons of stores selling similar products, so comparing prices becomes more time consuming than it is helpful. Some of the things I learned at my internship, I have adopted into my personal life. We are sharing with you the super easy ways to get what you want at the best price.

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Google Shopping

Okay so first things first, Google Shopping is one of the most useful tools if you know how to use it. This is such an amazing tool for finding what you want. I would not suggest using this for clothing, but basically everything else you can find on Google Shopping. 

A little bit about Google Shopping: retailers list the majority of their products on Google Shopping and Google shows you all the colors each retailer has and the prices. It also shows used and new products. The only retailer that doesn’t list on Google Shopping is Amazon.

When I was looking to purchase a camera for blogging purposes, I was doing research and decided I wanted a Nikon D5300. The usual retail price for the Nikon D5300 is somewhere between $550-700 which was definitely more that I was looking to spend. I decided to look at Google Shopping and see what I could find.

It did take a little bit of time and clicking through a couple of websites but I was able to find a bundle that brings the Nikon D5300 with the 18-55mm lens, all accessories (battery, charger, neck strap, etc.), camera bag, 2 16GB memory cards, 2 USB card readers and a screen protector & cleaning kit all for $510 with free shipping. THAT IS A STEAAAAALLLLL!! And that’s how you shop efficiently on Google Shopping.


RetailMeNot is a website and app that finds coupons for when you shop both online and in stores. The app will notify you whenever you are near a store that is having a sale or coupon that you can use if you allow them to access your location. You can search for any store you are shopping at for deals and coupons if you don’t want them to have access to your location. There is also cashback options available online as well as in-store. Sign up here!


Another money-saving website we love is Honey. Honey is a free app for both your computer and smartphone. While shopping online, it will automatically apply coupons when you are ready to checkout. It also notifies you when the website you are currently on has deals and sales. They also offer something called “Honey Gold” which is actual money you can accumulate over time the more you use honey and when you refer your friends. Sign up here!


Another tool I use to save a few bucks is Shoptagr. Shoptagr is an app and website that lets you know when the items you want go on sale. It allows you to link it to the web browser on your phone or computer and you can save items that you want. The app then notifies you when the item goes on sale, price drops, if it sells out and when it comes back in stock, etc. You can also send the product links to and it will add it to the app. It will also notify you when your favorite stores and brands are having a sale. You can sign up by downloading the Shoptagr app to your phone or by clicking here.


Another great way to save money is by using Ebates which now goes by Rakuten. Ebates provides cashback for your online and in-store purchases. There are thousands of stores to shop through Ebates and earn get cashback. Depending on the retailer, you can get up to 14% cashback. They also offer tons of coupons and promos. 

You can link it to your web browser and whenever you are on a site that offers cashback, it will give you the option to activate it as well as give you any coupon codes available. Some days they have double cashback and special offers. It is such a great way to save a few bucks here and there. There is also an option to invite friends and get money through referrals. They send you a check with your total cashback every 3 months. Like actual money that you can deposit into your bank. Yes, I know you want the sign-up link. Here it is!


This one is for my college fashionistas on a budget! Unidays has all types of student discounts for online retailers. Depending on the retailer, you can also use Unidays to get student discounts in store as well. You can get a code for up to 50% off your purchase from retailers like Missguided, BooHoo, Public Desire, BCBG, etc. I recommend you check it out any time you are shopping online and see what offers they have. You should always ask when shopping in-store as well! You can sign up here.

There you have it folks! Go on and use all of our helpful tips, tricks and apps and save that coin!

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